The Community Health Action Team (CHAT) initiative is a partnership between Franklin County Public Health and community members to work together to build healthier communities in Franklin County.

Why do we need a CHAT?

Whether it is the rising rates of heart disease and cancer, or access to medical services; there are many important health issues facing the community. Public health officials and those in many other fields are working to address these issues, but grassroots community efforts are also able to affect great change. It is those who live and work in the community who truly know and understand how the health issues are presenting and what methods to address these work. FCPH collaborates with the community members in the CHATs to leverage resources and address the needs of the community.

What types of issues do the CHATs focus on?

Some of our CHATs focus on access to healthy food, reducing the stigma of mental health and addiction, responding to the opioid crisis at a community level and increasing awareness of health resources in the community.

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Why should I join a CHAT?

No one knows your community like you do! We need active community members who are interested in creating change. This is a way to plug into what the current efforts are as well as to drive new initiatives. Local health data is presented to the CHAT and an area of focus is determined by group consensus. We ask that you commit to attending monthly meetings on a consistent basis and follow-up on any action items that are determined.

How do we start a CHAT or determine if there is one in our community that we can join?

Contact the FCPH CHAT team at for more information. We are always looking for excited and dedicated community members to help with our mission.

Monthly CHAT Meetings

Our Community Health Action Teams (CHATs) have monthly meetings at different locations and times around Franklin County. Please contact for details on future meeting times/locations.