The Ohio Revised Code chapter 3707.26 requires local health districts to conduct school environmental health inspections twice per year. Franklin County Public Health conducts inspections at over 200 schools. Inspections are typically done during the school year and during the school day. We also respond to public complaints regarding the health and sanitary condition of schools. Once an inspection is completed, we send a report with observations and recommendations to the school principal/administrator and the person in charge of maintenance.

What We Inspect

Franklin County Public Health inspects the sanitary and clean condition of school buildings and school grounds. We focus on ensuring that a healthy and clean environment is maintained for students, teachers and staff while at the school. We do not look at structural, mechanical or fire related areas since local building and fire departments can oversee these areas. When we inspect a school, we look at:


  • General condition of the exterior of buildings
  • Solid waste, trash and recycling storage and disposal
  • Evidence of rodents and insects
  • Interior conditions of the school
  • Hallways, classrooms, restrooms and drinking fountains
  • How animals are displayed and managed
  • Science, visual art, industrial art and consumer science classrooms



  • Auditoriums, stages, dining areas and libraries/media centers
  • Indoor athletic facilities, looker rooms and weight rooms
  • Custodial and storage areas
  • Healthcare/nurses room
  • Teacher’s lounges
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems


Inspectors and the Areas They Serve

Al Nunez
8:00 am – 4:30 pm
(614) 678-2131

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