Waste Disposal Overview

The Solid and Infectious Waste Program minimizes solid, infectious and hazardous waste in the community. It is also responsible for regulating and enforcing disposal of waste into approved facilities, including landfills and incinerators. The program is also instrumental in educating the community and other agencies on adverse effects of open dumping in Franklin County by participating in the Environmental Crimes Task Force of Central Ohio.

By providing these services, this division protects surface and groundwater from pollution.

For questions regarding Solid Waste licensing, contact jeffgrose@franklincountyohio.gov.

OEPA Solid Waste Rules

Clean-Up Success Story

A dump site that covered an acre of land and reached over 20 feet high at 1388 Stimmel Road in Franklin Township was cleaned up in March of 2013 thanks to a public-private partnership. A criminal investigation of this environmental crime continues but the clean-up could not wait.

A total of 22,520 cubic yards of waste was removed from the site. Watch the time-lapse video of this immense clean-up.

Partners in the clean-up included Franklin County Public Health, SWACO, Ohio EPA, City of Columbus, Franklin County Sheriff's Office, Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney's Office and Franklin Township.

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