A comprehensive overview
of our community’s health status and needs.

Collective Impact Collaboration

The Franklin County Community Health Needs Assessment Steering Committee is pleased to provide a comprehensive overview of our community’s health status and needs via the Franklin County HealthMap 2022. The Steering Committee is a collective impact collaborative made up of community partners and stakeholder organizations across the County.

HealthMap 2022 Introduction

The cover of the HealthMap 2022 report at an angle with a drop shadow.

Franklin County HealthMap2022 is the result of a broad collaborative effort coordinated by the Central Ohio Hospital Council (COHC), Columbus Public Health (CPH), and Franklin County Public Health (FCPH). The intent of this effort is to help health departments, hospitals, social service agencies, other organizations, and community stakeholders better understand the health needs and priorities of Franklin County residents. Characterizing and understanding the prevalence of acute and chronic health conditions, access to care barriers, and other health issues can help direct community resources to where they will have the biggest impact. Franklin County HealthMap2022 will be updated in three years.

Priority Health Needs

The prioritized health needs affecting Franklin County residents, as identified by the Franklin County HealthMap 2022 Steering Committee, include: basic needs; racial equity; mental/behavioral health; and maternal-infant health.


or social determinants of health, is comprised of the following specific and interrelated indicators: housing security; financial stability; neighborhood safety; food security; and a need for increased access to nutritious foods.


is tied to practices of racial and ethnic discrimination, including redlining, preclude residents’ access to economic stability, quality health care services, and optimal maternal and infant health outcomes, among other health needs.

Mental/Behavioral Health

encompasses many health areas, including both mental health and addiction. Poor mental health outcomes persist for many in Franklin County, and residents may have difficulty finding a mental health professional they trust to help them. Existing mental health care services may be underutilized due to the stigma associated with seeking mental health support. The Opioid crisis is a persistent issue for the County impacting all communities.

Maternal and Infant Health

which is comprised of the need to reduce the rate of infant mortality and the need to improve maternal pre-pregnancy health, is the final priority.

Next Steps and How to Get Involved

Following the completion of the Franklin County HealthMap 2022, FCPH will begin work on the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), a process led by the Health Works Franklin County (HWFC) Coalition. The primary goal of HWFC is the integration and coordination of social determinants of health data, policy and planning efforts with the public health system. After the CHIP is complete, FCPH will serve as the backbone organization to provide ongoing support for the work that will be done by many partner organizations to address the priority areas, outcomes, strategies and action steps identified in the CHIP.

For additional information about HealthMap 2022 or Health Works Franklin County, contact Theresa Seagraves, FCPH Director of Health Systems and Planning at (614) 525-4921 or TheresaSeagraves@franklincountyohio.gov.