A temporary park-camp is when a tract of land is used for camping by placing RV’s, campers, and/or tents for no more than 7 consecutive days and not more that a total of 21 days per year. Franklin County Public Health licenses and inspects all temporary park-camps in our jurisdiction to ensure the parks in compliance with the Ohio Temporary Park-Camp Rules (Ohio Administrative Code 3701-26).


Who is required to have a park license?


between RV’s, campers and tents


are properly drained and free of trash


and solid waste is properly stored and removed


and wastewater is properly handled and disposed of


supplies are safe and approved


hand washing and shower facilities are maintained, if provided

Who is required to have a park license?

Ohio Revised Code 3729.01(V) defines a temporary park-camp as:

(V) “Temporary park-camp” means any tract of land used for a period not to exceed a total of twenty-one days per calendar year for the purpose of parking five or more recreational vehicles, dependent recreational vehicles, or portable camping units, or any combination thereof, for one or more periods of time that do not exceed seven consecutive days or parts thereof.

Each person that intends to operate a temporary park-camp must be licensed by the local health department. The license to operate is only valid for 7 days.

What do I have to do to operate a temporary park-camp?

  1. Franklin County Public Health requires the operator of any proposed park to submit plans for the park-camp to Franklin County Public Health at least fifteen (15) days before the event using the Temporary Park-Camp Plan Review Application.
  2. When the complete plans are received, it will be reviewed by staff.
  3. Once the plans are approved, the operator may apply to Franklin County Public Health no later than 7 day prior to operating the camp using the Temporary Park-Camp Application.

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