FCPH Receives 5-year, 3.7 million dollar grant from the CDC

We are pleased to announce that Franklin County Public Health was selected as a recipient of a 5-year, $3.7 million dollar grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through its National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Overdose Data to Action: Limiting Overdose through Collaborative Actions in Localities (OD2A: LOCAL).

The OD2A: LOCAL funding serves as a significant investment in the Mental Health and Addiction priority area identified in the 2023-2026 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) released earlier this week and will support the plan by expanding existing programs and developing interconnected networks of care between the community, public safety and local health systems.

FCPH was previously awarded a three-year Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Overdose Data to Action Grant, which brought $3.9 million dollars a year to our community to fight the opioid crisis. The purpose of the funding was to obtain high quality, more comprehensive and timelier data on overdose morbidity and mortality, and to use the data to inform prevention and response efforts. The new OD2A: LOCAL funding will allow FCPH, our partners and our community to continue to build upon all of the great work we have accomplished the last four years.

FCPH is grateful for the continued support and partnership from the CDC, and we are confident that this grant will assist our partnership in making a lasting impact on the communities we serve and the ongoing efforts in the addiction and recovery space.