The Environmental Health Division responds to complaints of environmental conditions that pose a threat to public health. This department will evaluate each situation and determine the exact threat and attempt to educate the public while getting them to remove or abate the public health nuisance.

A Public Health Nuisance means "any condition which is injurious or potentially injurious to the health and safety of the public, or which pollutes the air, land, or water". A public nuisance interfaces with the public as a class, not merely one person or a group of citizens. Our regulations do not give us authority over indoor housing conditions for homeowners. We are only able to enforce indoor regulations (mold, insects, and rodents) in rental units.

We are unable to investigate complaints regarding: Bed bugs, animal hoarding, mold (for homeowners) or condemning a home/abandoned building.

For animal abuse or animal hoarding, please contact Columbus Humane.

If you would like to register a complaint regarding a nuisance property or condition, please complete the Complaint Form or call (614) 525-3160.

For properties located in the City of Columbus, please call (614) 645-3111 or submit an Email Submission Form. For properties located in the City of Worthington, please contact (614) 436-3100.


Jennie McAdams, MPH

Sustainability Supervisor Environmental Health