Micro Markets

Defined in 2014 Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code:
“Micro market” means a retail food establishment that offers for sale food items that are allowable in a risk level one operation in displays not more than two hundred and fifty linear feet. All commercially prepackaged refrigerated or frozen, time/temperature controlled for safety (TCS) foods shall be stored in equipment that complies with paragraph (H) of rule 3717-1-03.4, paragraphs (LL) and (MM) of rule 3717-1-04.1 of the Administrative Code.”

Micro Markets are typically unattended stores in locations (office buildings, etc.) that offer fresh prepackages foods, snacks and beverages for sale via a self-checkout kiosk.

No. Vending machines do not need to be licensed if they are under the control of the operator of the micro market.

All equipment must be commercial grade and approved by a recognized testing agency. The coolers and freezers that offer TCS foods must have automatic shutoff health switches to prevent the sale of food in the event of a temperature control issue or power failure.
The following equipment has been approved for use in micro markets:

  • Royal Vendors – Model RVCH-027
  • Royal Vendors – Model RVCFH-027
  • Mimet – Model VV-16 BTFN Freezer
  • Imbera – Model G319
  • Imbera – Model VFS24

Yes. Coffee can be sold from coffee/cappuccino/hot chocolate machines that mix non-TCS ingredients with hot water to dispense a single cup of product. These machines must be commercial grade and approved by a recognized testing agency.

Yes. Microwave ovens are allowed inside the micro market.

Yes. Whole fruits are permitted to be sold inside the micro market. The skin or outer surface of the fruit must be intact. If the skin of the fruit will be eaten, the fruit must be packaged or wrapped. For example, an apple would need a protective cover or wrap. Fruit such as a banana or orange that will be peeled prior to being consumed won’t need a protective cover.

Yes. The completed plans must be submitted along with a plan review application. Once all of the required materials are received, the plans will be reviewed within 30 days. You will be notified when the plan review is complete to schedule the final plan review inspection before you are approved to open.

No. The micro market is exempt from the person-in-charge requirement. Rule 3717-1-02.4 (a) of the Ohio Administrative Code applies to person-in-charge requirements.

If you have any questions regarding micro markets, please contact the Food Safety Program at (614) 525-7462
or email food@franklincountyohio.gov.