Warm Up to Summer

   The word Summer has a cartoon bee, mosquito and tick crawling on the letters.

Summer Safety

Hooray! Spring is finally here!

Spring and summer are a welcome change from the cold and dark winter; however as enjoyable as the warmer weather is, it has its own risks. Spring into summer safely by following these tips to keep your summer fun.


Summer Heat and Air Quality

Some people are more vulnerable to the heat and to poor air quality (high pollution levels), and it can be dangerous to their health. However, any of us can fall victim to either one if we overdo it or don’t take precautions. Even if you are not directly impacted, there are things that we can do to help others, such as not mowing or doing any unnecessary driving during an air quality alert or checking on your neighbors during an excessive heat warning. Protect yourself or learn how you can help your neighbors by checking out these websites.


Mosquitoes and Ticks

Let’s face it, we all dislike mosquitoes and ticks. They are not only a nuisance (pest), but they can make us sick, too.

Go to mosquito.myfcph.org for information on mosquitoes to:                           

  • Prevent mosquito bites and diseases
  • Submit a service request for mosquito problems (complaints) in or around your yard 
  • Find out when we will spray your neighborhood for mosquitoes



Tick information can be found at myfcph.org. Get information to:

  • Prevent tick-related diseases
  • Safely remove a tick
  • Protect yourself when ticks are most active (and it’s not just the warm months)The word Summer has a cartoon bee, mosquito and tick crawling on the letters.



It’s not summer unless you’re grilling out or hosting a picnic, but keep food poisoning off of the menu. As the summer heat increases, so do the germs in food when it’s left outside too long or prepared improperly. Be a good host and make food safety a priority.

Other Tips

Were you looking for something else? Maybe it’s from the National Safety Council or even the National Weather Service.

Although the warm weather only lasts for part of the year, we should protect our health every day, and don’t forget about your pets! They can suffer from many of the same hot weather problems that we do!