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SWAT Team Program Overview

Franklin County Public Health (FCPH) has developed mosquito educational materials for kids that are designed to spread the message that kids can protect themselves from mosquitoes and the diseases they carry.

  1. Review of the lifecycle of the mosquito;
  2. Information on how kids can protect themselves from mosquito bites;
  3. SWAT Team pledge and pin

SWAT Team Materials

All of the SWAT Team materials can be downloaded except for the button.

SWAT Team Case File (Activity Book - 2.6MB) - Kids have an opportunity to hunt for mosquito habitats in this workbook and learn to look for places that collect water around their home. They will also use math and language skills to solve puzzles that teach them about actions they can take to keep from getting mosquito bites.

SWAT Team Case File (Coloring Book - 4.2MB) - Kids will also hunt for mosquito habitats in this workbook. They will be able to color the mosquito life cycle and Mack the Mosquito.

SWAT Team Pledge Card - Kids have any opportunity to become part of the SWAT Team by taking this simple pledge. Kids commit to get rid of standing water around their home and protect themselves from mosquitoes. SWAT Team members can also cut off the wallet card, which is attached to the pledge card, so they are official.

SWAT Team Button - Free buttons can be ordered from FCPH to designate they are now a member of the SWAT Team and ready to take on mosquitoes.