Franklin County Public Health and City of Reynoldsburg Partner for Tobacco-Free Parks

Franklin County Public Health and Reynoldsburg Parks and Recreation Department have partnered to make all city-owned or operated parks and recreation facilities tobacco-free.

“Establishing tobacco-free public parks helps create healthy and safe environments at Reynoldsburg parks especially for our youth,” says Franklin County Health Commissioner Joe Mazzola. “This ban is about protecting the rights of everyone to have a tobacco-free environment to exercise and enjoy outdoor spaces.”

Reynoldsburg Parks and Recreation Department will install signs designating the tobacco-free zones to inform residents and visitors of the ban. Smoking is allowed in parking lots.

“Tobacco use is detrimental to our health especially the health of our children,” says Brad McCloud, Reynoldsburg Mayor. “Reynoldsburg has a unique opportunity to create and sustain an environment that supports a non-tobacco norm through a tobacco-free zone policy, rule enforcement and adult role modeling within our parks and facilities.”

Reynoldsburg now joins other communities in Franklin County and around the state working closely with local public health agencies to enact comprehensive tobacco-free policies that reduce the public’s exposure to the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.