A vending machine food license is required if you sell food that requires temperature control (frozen, refrigerated, or hot food). A license is also required if the food is dispensed in an open container or cup, such as coffee, soda, soup, or hot chocolate.

Machines selling hard candy or gumballs from a gumball machine do not require a license. Machines selling prepackaged, non-perishable food (chips, candy bars, packaged gum, etc.), or bottled/canned non-perishable drinks, such as bottled or canned soda, are also exempt from a vending machine food license.


Vending Machine Food LicenseĀ Application
Vending licenses are required for each licensable vending location, regardless of the number of machines present. Each separate location or room must have its own vending machine food license.


A room has four vending machines selling packaged chips and bottled soda. The location does not require a food license. There are no open containers and the drinks are refrigerated for taste only, not because they are required to be held cold.
A room has the same machines listed in example 1 plus another machine that sells cartons of milk. One food license is required because the milk requires refrigeration.
A room has ten cold-food machines selling sandwiches. Only one license is required for the room. Regardless of the number of licensable machines, it is still just one location and only needs one license.
A room contains a coffee machine that dispenses into an open cup and a snack machine selling bags of chips. Another room, located on the same floor of the building, has a coffee machine that dispenses into a cup. A third room, located on the same floor, has four machines selling chips and candy bars. Two licenses are required because there are two separate locations with licensable machines.