The Environmental Health Division responds to complaints of environmental conditions that pose a threat to public health. This department will evaluate each situation and determine the exact threat and attempt to educate the public while getting them to remove or abate the public health nuisance.

Below are examples of public health nuisances that Franklin County Public Health will investigate:

  • Accumulation of trash, garbage and materials on properties
  • Rat and rodent infestations
  • Animal waste and manure
  • Dead animals
  • Weeds and grass (townships only from March 1st to October 31st)
  • Unsanitary housing or living conditions

If you would like to register a complaint regarding a nuisance property or condition, please complete the Complaint Form or call (614) 525-3160.
For properties located in the City of Columbus, please call (614) 645-3111 or submit an Email Submission Form. For properties located in the City of Worthington, please contact (614) 436-3100.