Franklin County Public Health investigates public health nuisance complaints. In simple terms, a public health nuisance is when a building or property is in a condition that threatens or potentially threatens the health of a person or community.

Below are examples of public health nuisances that Franklin County Public Health will investigate:

  • Accumulation of trash, garbage and materials on properties
  • Rat and rodent infestations
  • Animal waste and manure
  • Dead animals
  • Weeds and grass (townships only)
  • Unsanitary housing or living conditions
  • Limited areas of housing maintenance

If you would like to register a complaint regarding a nuisance property or condition, please complete the Complaint Form or call (614) 525-3160.
For properties located in the City of Columbus, please call (614) 645-3111 or submit an Email Submission Form. For properties located in the City of Worthington, please contact (614) 436-3100.