World Environmental Health Day

World Environmental Health Day is Saturday, September 26 When most people think of their local health department, they usually think of restaurant inspections and COVID-19. Although these are important tasks for public health staff to tackle, they are only two … Read More

Fireworks Safety

Many Fourth of July celebrations have been canceled due to COVID-19 -and local fireworks stores are seeing a major increase in sales with people planning to set off their own. Fireworks can be very dangerous, causing serious burn and eye … Read More

Black History Month

  February is observed as Black History Month to honor African Americans for their contributions and to remember their struggles for freedom and equality.  While much has been done, more work is needed especially when it comes to better health … Read More

FCPH 100 Year Anniversary

  The start of FCPH The Hughes-Griswold Act, passed in 1919, established municipal and general health districts across the state of Ohio to ensure that the state could effectively respond to public health crises. Although all municipalities in Ohio were … Read More

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