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Health District Licensing Council

The Health District Licensing Council was established under Ohio Revised Code 3709.41(A). The goal of the licensing council is to initiate, build and maintain a relationship between the regulated community and the Board of Health. This body also represents the regulated community in Board of Health deliberations by recommending a member to sit on the Board.

The licensing council reviews and comments on issues affecting the licensed community at both the state and local level, improves the communication and linkages among the public and private sector, and identifies the needed changes in legislation, policy and practices.

Franklin County Health District Licensing Council Members include:

Chef Hubert Seifert
Spagio Restaurant representing the Food Service Operation category (Term expires 2017)

Kenneth Russell
Kenneth Russell representing the Food Establishment category (Term expires 2017)

Joseph P. Weaver
Masi Environmental Laboratories representing Swimming Pools and Spas category (Term expires 2017)

Danny Fannin
SWACO representing Sanitary Landfills category (Term expires 2021)

Positions to represent Construction & Demolition Landfills, Tattoo and Body Piercing, R.V. Parks/Campground categories are currently vacant.

The Health District Licensing Council meets annually.